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Ilk Low

The beautifully crafted lines and cocoon design of the Ilk Low chair brings a statement of warmth and comfort into any working environment.
The flexibility to choose from either a single seater or a two-seated option allows for seating arrangements as unique as you are.
The Ilk Low comes with a customisable frame, choosing from classic 4 leg or metal sled frame options on all single and 2 seater models, or the stylish Swivel 4-star or Tilt on all single seaters. Further customisable with a variety of frame colour finishes on each option, the Ilk Low boasts a wealth of bespoke frame options to create your perfect statement office chair.

Pair your frame choice with a fabric colour palette to suit most environments. The Ilk Low chair is fully customisable with a wide range of fabric finishes, contrast stitching and two-tone fabric options. From anti-microbial materials to comforting wool blends, the fabric options are perfect for completing the ideal look for your Ilk Low chair.

Wood - 4 Leg and Swivel

Natural Oak

Black Oak

Metal Finishes - Swivel and Tilt


  • Durable injection-moulded foam construction
  • Wide choice of frame styles - timber, wire and swivel
  • Extensive range of fabrics
  • High and low versions available

Product variants & dimensions


Width 785mm 30.9"
Depth 844mm 33.2"
Height 820mm 32.3"
Seat Height 434mm 17.1"

4-Star Swivel

Width 785mm 30.9"
Depth 798mm 31.4"
Height 826mm 32.5"
Seat Height 433mm 17"

4 Leg Wooden

Width 785mm 30.9"
Depth 811mm 31.9"
Height 819mm 32.2"
Seat Height 430mm 16.9"

4 Leg Metal

Width 785mm 30.9"
Depth 798mm 31.4"
Height 831mm 32.7"
Seat Height 425mm 16.7"

4 star Swivel

Depth 780mm 30.7"
Width 780mm 30.7"
Height 820mm 32.3"
Seat Height 425mm 16.7"

4 Star Tilt

Depth 780mm 30.7"
Width 780mm 30.7"
Height 820mm 32.3"
Seat Height 425mm 16.7"


Being transparent in our designs, materials & manufacturing is part of our commitment to the environment. We have a dedicated team that puts our products through the relevant testing so that you can feel comfortable in the knowledge that our products are the best they can be, in sustainability and quality.

Ilk High 4 Leg

BS EN 16139 : 2013

Recyclable: 71% - Downcyclable: 29%



Frövi Environmental Accreditations

All of our products are now certified SCS Indoor Advantage™ Gold.