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Sail Booth

The Sail booth system addresses privacy for commercial office interiors, by providing a segregated space to learn, focus, or relax. It’s a refined high back sofa that allows flexibility and consolidation of workspace in a given area to escape without the need for partitioning or division, promoting collaboration, creativity and deep concentrative thinking. The ergonomically designed sofa has exemplary comfort levels, including when used for prolonged periods.

Leg Colour


Cutline Table Top Finish



  • Four unit options for collaborative and individual working
  • Elegant and organic profile to suit most schemes.
  • Laptop holder and power for presenting
  • Generous proportions for various number of users

Product variants & dimensions

Four Seater Booth

Width 2057mm 81"
Depth 1520mm 59.8"
Height 1385mm 54.5"
Seat Height 452mm 17.8"

Two Seater Booth

Width 2068mm 81.4"
Depth 976mm 38.4"
Height 1385mm 54.5"
Seat Height 452mm 17.8"

Two Seater Sofa

Width 1520mm 59.8"
Depth 760mm 29.9"
Height 1385mm 54.5"
Seat Height 452mm 17.8"

One Seater Sofa

Width 976mm 38.4"
Depth 783mm 30.8"
Height 1385mm 54.5"
Seat Height 452mm 17.8"


Being transparent in our designs, materials & manufacturing is part of our commitment to the environment. We have a dedicated team that put our products through the relevant testing so that you can feel comfortable in the knowledge that our products are the best can be, in sustainability and quality.

Four Seater Booth

Recyclable: 54% - Downcyclable: 46%



Frövi Environmental Accreditations

All of our products are now certified SCS Indoor Advantage™ Gold.