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Bae is an organic shaped modular seating system which provides endless possibilities for space planning. Arrange the linkable five different units in multiple sweeping configurations or create separate conversational islands with a couple of pieces; Bae allows for endless options. With environmental impacts, both the materials used in the design are sustainable and the pieces themselves can easily be deconstructed for recycling.


Natural Ash



  • Enveloping relaxed comfort
  • Five optimum units for endless composition freedom
  • Soft organic shaped units
  • Sustainable materials
  • Designed for disassembly
  • Adjustable feet

Product variants & dimensions

90 Degree Outward Unit

Width 1747mm 68.8"
Depth 1747mm 68.8"
Height 751mm 29.6"
Seat Height 408mm 16.1"

90 Degree Inward Unit

Width 1747mm 68.8"
Depth 1747mm 68.8"
Height 750mm 29.5"
Seat Height 408mm 16.1"

180 Degree Unit

Width 2145mm 84.4"
Depth 1100mm 43.3"
Height 408mm 16.1"

Straight Unit

Width 1700mm 66.9"
Depth 830mm 32.7"
Height 747mm 29.4"
Seat Height 408mm 16.1"

30 Degree Unit

Width 1628mm 64.1"
Depth 1115mm 43.9"
Height 751mm 29.6"
Seat Height 408mm 16.1"


Being transparent in our designs, materials & manufacturing is part of our commitment to the environment. We have a dedicated team that put our products through the relevant testing so that you can feel comfortable in the knowledge that our products are the best can be, in sustainability and quality.

Bae 90 Degree Inward Unit

Recyclable: 56% - Downcyclable: 44%



Frövi Environmental Accreditations

All of our products are now certified SCS Indoor Advantage™ Gold.