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18,000sqft office redesign

Over the recent years, Medivet have expanded meaning they had outgrown their office space, combining this with the affects of a post-pandemic world, the veterinary company wanted to create a space for their team that supports their people-centric vision.

Medivet’s vision for their new office was for it to be much more than just a place to work, this is where they enlisted the help of Woodhouse Workspace to help bring their vision to life. From the outset, Woodhouse Workspace held numerous meetings with various stakeholders from around the business so they could develop a brief together. It was clear that the Medivet team were looking for a space that supports their wellbeing, creativity, motivation and performance. This is where Woodhouse encouraged the team to think about different ‘work settings’ rather than traditional rows of work desks, looking at a more open space where teams could truly convene and collaborate.

To ensure Medivet made the most of their 18,000 square foot space, Woodhouse designed an environment with a variety of space typologies and furniture styles. These range from formal to informal and enclosed to spacious, multi-functional social space. They used a selection of our designs, used throughout the office space, such as the Snug sofa  and Wire coffee table to create a welcoming entrance space, that can be doubled up as a breakout space for colleagues to relax. The Huddle Cave has been used to create a private space for small meetings and catch ups, whilst not being imposing in the open plan space.

The overall space has completely changed the way that Medivet works, creating a more community minded workspace for colleagues to grow and develop.

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