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Assemble By Seven Dials – Stoica


Assemble By Seven Dials


Seven Dials, London

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3,000 sq ft

Unleased office space for future tenants


Working alongside STOiCA, a renowned office transformation specialist, we collaborated on the remodelling of a prominent office, transforming the space into a modern, contemporary workspace that is ideal for 21st century working.

The introduction of the Relic Collaboration Table was perfect for the fast paced, agile and social working environment that many businesses are striving to create. A fusion of rustic detail and industrial inspiration, the Relic Collaboration Table has been expertly designed to create a sense of co-operation and social connection within any working space. With fully customisable power requirements and available in a range of frame and top colours/finishes, the Relic range was an ideal partner to help create a cooperative, modern workspace.

Designed to complement the Relic table range, the Relic Credenza was chosen to provide a sleek storage solution that combines functionality with elegant design. Offering a highly practical, yet beautifully crafted storage solution with a timeless style, the Relic Credenza comes with smooth ‘push to open’ doors that create a classic, clean silhouette perfect for any office.

Customisable in either a low or high design with a choice of metal frame finishes, the Relic Credenza allows you to customise the look of your cabinet and door finish colours to accompany any workspace design.

Looking to introduce a level of comfort and practicality, the Drive range of chairs were the perfect choice to introduce into the office space alongside the Relic range. With a durable injection-moulded foam construction, the Drive range of chairs offers an unrivalled level of comfort, durability, and practicality for the workplace.

With a choice of classic comfort of the medium back option, or the additional support of the high back, the Drive chair can be customised with either a beautifully crafted Natural or Black Oak wooden frame or a classic tubular metal frame. The Drive chair is customisable with a wide range of fabric finishes and colours to suit any environment. From anti-microbial materials to comforting wool blends and even sumptuous leather finishes, the variety of options for complementing your brand palette makes the Drive range of chairs ideal for this stylish, modern office space.

The end result

Frövi Environmental Accreditations

All of our products are now certified SCS Indoor Advantage™ Gold.

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