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The Story of Sail

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24 Aug 2023

Our designers are constantly researching how we can improve our portfolio and it became clear we had an opportunity to create a refined, simple and contemporary booth into the range.

Naturally at home throughout most office environments, booths are also swiftly becoming the perfect addition to hotel lobbies, high-end education settings, and airport lounges thanks to their privacy and acoustic benefits. They can however be quite boxy and stylized. This is where our designers began sketching and conceptualizing an elegant alternative design.

Challenging themselves to create a refined, yet contemporary design, they’ve created a booth that would fit a vast array of spaces and environments. The soft edges, continuous curved corners, and simplicity create a welcoming space to enjoy. The angled entrance was a considered element by our designers, as it creates an inviting entrance that allows easy access when being used as a booth or offers privacy but not complete segregation as a sofa pod. The generous side panels provide acoustic privacy without it feeling claustrophobic or overbearing for users.

Alongside the sleek aesthetics, the combination of options Sail is available in broadens its practical uses. From a 1-seater sofa where users can work independently or enjoy a space to relax on their own, to a four-seater booth with a table and laptop holder, where users can host intimate meetings, collaborate, and share thoughts and ideas.

Our designers, product managers, and upholstery experts meticulously considered all aspects of the design to create something where users can feel relaxed, helping to bridge the gap for employees returning to the office thanks to its comfort and aesthetics.

Sail can be used in a multitude of locations, but we envisaged it defining open spaces and easing the sometimes overwhelming feeling of an open-plan office, atrium, or lobby by introducing more individual and private settings, without the need for partition or division.

Imagine the 1-seater sofa being used as a comfortable alternative to a traditional chair or paired with our Peggy laptop table to create the perfect place to check emails, enjoy a coffee or relax.

Launching this September 2023.