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Clerkenwell Design Week 2023

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26 Jun 2023

Clerkenwell Design Week, the UK’s leading design festival once again captivated the design community with its array of products and inspiring exhibits. It was a busy few days for us, from launching our showroom to introducing three products and engaging with the design community, the event was a whirlwind of creativity and inspiration.

Unveiling the New Showroom

One of the highlights of our journey at CDW was our guests experiencing our new London showroom for the first time, which boasted a fresh look and layout. With 14 individual spaces, we aimed to create a unique and immersive experience for visitors. Each zone showcasing our furniture whilst allowing guests to envisage how our products could seamlessly integrate into their spaces.

Launching Innovative Products: Bae, Peggy, and Bamboo Curved

We were thrilled to unveil three brand-new complementing designs at CDW: Bae, Peggy and Bamboo Curved.

Bae is an organic shaped modular seating system which provides endless possibilities for space planning. Arrange the linkable five different units in multiple sweeping configurations or create separate conversational islands with a couple of pieces; Bae allows for endless configurations. Designed to reduce our environmental impact, the materials used in the design are sustainable and the pieces themselves can easily be deconstructed for recycling.

Peggy, the refined and functional laptop table made from solid ash. Designed to complement any soft seating range, Peggy is the perfect addition to your flexible and agile working space. Its sleek and minimalist design allows for easy integration into any environment, while its sturdy construction ensures durability and reliability. Whether you’re working from home or in a shared workspace, the ergonomic tabletop allows for comfort while typing away on your laptop.

Bamboo Curved, an extension to the current Bamboo family. Available in two different radius curves, the Bamboo Curved range has been designed as a response to the emerging popularity of a more organic and fluid style of landscape within the workplace. Bamboo Curved can be used to create spaces alongside curved curtain walls and soft lounge-style seating. The organic lines of Bamboo Curved are also designed to work seamlessly with the Bae sofa system which it complements in materiality and form.

Engaging Conversations and Building Connections

CDW provided an incredible platform for us to engage with the design community. We had the opportunity to meet people from various backgrounds, from fellow industry professionals to design enthusiasts to exchange ideas and conversations about our products, design trends, and sustainability was truly inspiring. It was brilliant for the opportunity to see our visitors interact with the furniture and experience the comfort, durability and style.

Soaking Up Design Trends and Innovations

Being a part of CDW allowed us to immerse ourselves in a world of design inspiration. We understand the importance of staying informed on the latest and greatest in the design world. We made sure to soak up our environment and get inspired by the creativity that was on display everywhere during the event.

We also hosted a series of ‘Inclusivity in the Workplace’ workshops with Gillian Burgis Smith, RIBA-credited Architect and Interior Designer. Gillian shared her wealth of experience and personal insight, making the conversation an immersive and emotional experience for guests. We explored inclusive design and environments and discussed strategies for how to design more inclusive spaces. These principles are an incredibly important part of the design process, so hearing from an expert on the subject was invaluable.

CDW 2023 was an unforgettable experience for us. We had the opportunity to showcase our showroom, launch products and engage with our guests. With a fresh wave of inspiration, we are looking forward to continuing to bring you designs that adapt to the challenges of today’s modern workspace.

Couldn’t make it to CDW? Plan your visit to our showroom here.