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Domino’s Pizza Group is the UK’s leading pizza brand and a major player in the fast food and takeaway market, growing at an incredible rate since its first UK store in 1985. With over 1,200 stores operating across the UK and Republic of Ireland, Domino’s was keen to ensure their head office in Milton Keynes established a contemporary, agile, covid-friendly workspace that their teams would be feel comfortable and safe to return to following a period of working from home.

Working alongside Rhino Interiors, a UK-leading office design company, Frövi helped to identify the need for Domino’s workflow to maximise collaboration areas and meeting spaces, sympathetically intertwined with soundproofed quiet zones where team members can escape the background noise of a busy office.

Installing Relic Collaboration Tables allowed us to fully customise configurations to suit the space and produce a multi-use space ideal for co-operation and social connection within the office. Combined with the intelligent use of Veck Stools on high seated benches and wall mounted working areas, Rhino Interiors were able to design a flexible workspace where employees have an abundance of desk space options and can feel socially distanced comfortable and safe, despite the modest 5000sqm floor space.

To further enhance the design and give employees the choice of a quiet zone, it was decided that several office booths should be installed to allow for individual focus and concentration. Choosing to install the exclusive Jig Cave, a solid oak framed work booth, Domino’s employees are now able to escape the hustle of the energetic co-operative workspace in a stylish and comfortable office booth. With highly acoustic properties, high backed seating, and integrated power and/or media, the Jig Cave is the best option for team members looking for an area to focus their attention or hold an online meeting in comparative peace and quiet.

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All of our products are now certified SCS Indoor Advantage™ Gold.

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