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Covent Garden, London

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Unleased office space for future tenants


In partnership with STOiCA, an office transformation specialist, we collaborated on the remodelling of a prestigious office space in the heart of London. As an unleased office space, the brief was to ensure that the workspace characterised the requirements of a business looking to rent premium office space in London.

Combining practicality, comfort and appealing style was extremely important to the project and the Snug Sofa was the ideal solution to provide a place for relaxed meetings or socialising with colleagues. True to its name, the Snug Sofa is built with comfort at its core. With ultra-deep seats and a simple pillow edge detail, the Snug Sofa is available in a single, two- or three-seater options to complement any office space and interior scheme. A range of fabric options, stylish two-tone fabrics and optional Duet Power makes the Snug Sofa an ideal modern seating solution, adding luxury, style, and practicality to any environment.

Adding a unique art deco sculptural design, the Margin Table was introduced into the space, bringing a warm residential feel that complemented the need for a comfortable, appealing workspace. Ideal as a single low table, or combined beautifully alongside accompanying Margin Tables, the perfectly formed Margin Coffee Table was a great solution to bring practicality and style to the office design. With a range of colour options for the base and an array of finishes for the tabletop, this table offers a complementary addition to your space.

The end result

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All of our products are now certified SCS Indoor Advantage™ Gold.

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