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Central London

Workplace Creations, a design and build firm based in London, we’re enlisted to help a banking institution in their office expansion. The bank themselves are one of the world’s oldest investment banking companies, with one of the largest investment research floors in the city. Workplace Creations and their client are longstanding partners, and this is the third project they have completed together. This particular project started with a series of workshops between both parties, getting down to the detail of what is needed for the client to create a new adaptive working environment and then how Workplace Creations would create a design to implement this.

It was clear from the start that flexibility, adaptive spaces and collaboration were key focuses in this 24,000 sqft expansion. The heart of the design was to create a Hub, a multi-use area that will allow colleagues to come together, whether it be at meal times or to collaborate on projects, but there is also space for focused work. This area hosts our Relic table, stools and benches, which have been expertly designed to create a sense of co-operation and social connection within the workplace.

A selection of break out areas were included for staff to have informal meetings or take phone calls and meet clients away from the main office. Our Drive chair and Wrapt coffee table have been paired together with the Home sofa within a communal soft seating area. Our Home sofa has been used in a few areas throughout the rest of the design, which has created a lovely fluidity. Home has been designed with to bring in a level of comfort that is often overlooked with an ‘office sofa’. The luxurious style works perfectly within the workplace, the inclusion of the optional laptop table means that the Home sofa can be used for more than just a breakout piece.

The final result has provided the clients a workplace that can grow and develop with the business, allowing a more agile and flexible working style to be adopted through the different areas.

The end result

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