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Introducing our latest designs

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05 Apr 2023

We are excited to announce the newest additions to our collection: Bae, a curved modular sofa system, Peggy, a laptop table and an addition to our Bamboo range with a curved shelving option.

Keep reading to find out more about these innovative new products and what they can add to your space.

Introducing Bae

The Bae has a stylish modular design, allowing for limitless configurations and complete optimisation of your space with the variety of units, meaning you can transform any space into a place of comfort and relaxation.

Bae can be used in a vast open space or a small breakout zone, due to the soft organic shape of each of the five units, allowing for endless configurations. The units can be easily linked together to create a breath-taking statement piece, weaving through a large atrium space. The flexibility of Bae also allows for the creation of separate conversational islands, paired with a coffee table and statement armchair, to create an intimate lounge space. With sustainability always considered when designing new products. Bae has been designed for disassembly, including replaceable cushion covers, a recyclable wooden frame and a pressed bamboo baseboard, a highly sustainable material. Meaning with its skeletal timber form and side-pressed bamboo baseboard, the Bae is a sustainable option for commercial spaces.

With Bae’s simple and relaxed design provides the perfect spot for casual conversations or taking a quick break. Adjustable ash wooden feet make the Bae fully customisable to suit the layout of any space.

The Bae has been designed to blend seamlessly with our two other new releases; Peggy and Bamboo shelving system, particularly the new curved range. Now you can create a functional and beautiful environment with both a comfortable sofa solution, a space to work with efficient office storage options.

Bamboo Curved Shelves

Introducing Bamboo Curved, the latest addition to our popular Bamboo shelving and storage. Adding an extra level of sophistication to our Bamboo unit, the Bamboo Curved range showcases our commitment to sustainable design and production, with both renewable materials and an aesthetic finish.

Bamboo Curved has been designed as a response to the growing trend in more organic and fluid designs for workplaces. Its curved design works perfectly with the new Bae Sofa System, creating a sleek and consistent finish. The Bamboo Curved range comes in three different radius curves that can be configured and built in the same way as our standard Bamboo range.

As well as looking great, the curved shelves are perfect for zoning off parts of the office creating dedicated areas for informal meetings and break-out zones. Paired with Bae, it can also create a more inviting and collaborative space for office workers.

For a truly modern workplace that embraces the latest trends in office design, the Frövi Bamboo Curved range is a great addition to any office.


Peggy boasts a sleek and minimalist design allows for easy integration into any environment, while its sturdy construction ensures durability and reliability. Whether you’re working from home or in a shared workspace, the ergonomic tabletop allows for comfort while typing away on your laptop or simply a perch whilst having a cup of tea.

Peggy seamlessly pairs with Bae in particular, complementing the ash frame and other natural materials used within both products.

How Can These Products Improve Your Workspace?

Whether you’re looking for office storage or office seating, our new range will help you create a dynamic and inviting workspace for your team.

These pieces of furniture have the potential to transform any modern office into an inspiring shared workspace, improving both productivity and enthusiasm. Bae provides plenty of seating space for multiple people and the Bamboo Curved range offers more storage space with its innovative curved shelves. These two products answer the need for adaptable and functional furniture in the busy modern office.

Designed by our experts to work seamlessly together, not only do the new products provide practical solutions and limitless configurations, but they also showcase that distinctive Frövi style.

Our talented team of creative thinkers, trend spotters, pattern makers, metal workers, wood crafters, seam stitchers and comfort testers have made no compromises in style to achieve function. Our Bae Sofa, Bamboo Curved Shelving range combine to make a complete system that will provide comfort, convenience, and style to your office space.

These new products are coming soon…

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