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Our Design Philosophy

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13 Feb 2023

Design is an integral part of what makes Frövi what it is today. We are proud to have a dedicated team of incredible designers to create our innovative and distinctive furniture pieces. From 1976 until now, we’ve honed our skills to produce every one of our new products in-house from the ground up, all with expert British craftmanship.

Our team of talented creative thinkers push the boundaries of both material and assembly to achieve functionality and style in every Frövi product. With innovative design and high-quality manufacturing, we fulfil the market’s need for design-led, affordable social furniture, with that distinctive Frövi style.

We believe that good design is not just the way something looks, it’s the process by which a product comes to life. From our designers’ initial ideas to the final product, we’re always thinking about how we can test the boundaries of both material and assembly to make social spaces smarter.

When creating furniture to equip social spaces, designs need to invite and delight. Thoughtfully designed pieces support forward-thinking work practices and allow for good things to happen. They also provide and unmissable opportunity to communicate your brand and inject energy into your space.

Inspired by you, driven by passion

Our designers strive to create products that understand the needs of our customers in every piece we produce.

James, Senior Product Designer

We asked our designer James to tell us more about how he does this:

“By understanding the human needs of the user and being emotionally intelligent towards the interaction with the product we ensure that it enriches the users’ experience. We develop products that enhance users’ workspaces globally, by understanding their needs through analysing their behaviour models and ensuring we are catering for the way that they collaborate and use office space”.

Our design team are an inquisitive bunch who find inspiration everywhere. Whether it’s in the form of art, architecture, fashion, or even observing people, they are always looking to inform new ideas and ensure we remain on the cutting edge of furniture design.

At Frövi we believe in the power and importance of design in everything we do. That is why when bringing together our diverse and talented team of designers we made sure they were passionate about what they do.

Matthew, Product Designer

Our designer Matthew told us a little bit about his methods and what drives his passion when designing Frövi products:

“I want to create meaningful objects, spaces and experiences that people will enjoy and remember, from an engineering point of view I consider every component to make sure it  performs in the best and most efficient way.”

Matthews’ philosophy is simple: “Love the process & the struggle. Creativity first, compromise last.”

David, Design Manager

At Frövi, we consider design integrity essential in every product. Our head of design, David, explains what inspires his designs:

I believe our ideas are born from something deeper and more meaningful than that of solely a product, The product becomes the final part of the puzzle, the realisation of the research, insight, and trends. With innovation, anything that adds value or improvements to people’s lives, will always form the foundation of the work we do at Frövi.”

When it comes to quality, we never compromise. Built for commercial environments, each piece of our products is tested for strength, stability, safety & durability. We take the integrity of our designs seriously, ensuring that a purchase of any Frövi furniture is an investment that will last.

Amelia, Design Assistant

A part of our ever growing team, Amelia, a Nottingham Trent University student has joined us whilst on her placement year.

Amelia is passionate about furthering her skills whilst bringing a fresh perspective and energy to the team. Thrown into the deep end, designing products and supporting other aspects of the company; we’re excited to see where Amelia’s future takes her.

It is important to us that when our customers choose Frövi, they are choosing a company who take their corporate social responsibilities seriously. Our values are considered throughout the whole design process where we actively endorse ethical and environmental standards.

We are dedicated to creating functional and design-led furniture for eating, meeting and relaxation spaces within corporate and community environments. Using high-quality materials and cutting-edge technology, we ensure that you can expect robust furniture that is formulated to be enjoyed year after year.

Pushing Boundaries

At Frövi, we believe that the work we do and the products we create should be more than just beautiful.
Our design-led practices keep innovation at the heart of everything we do, allowing us to create furniture that not only looks good but works well too!

Our design team are committed to continually pushing the boundaries of what is possible within the industry and setting new standards for what great design can achieve in social spaces.